[Tweeters] RFI: The Songfinder- A digital bird song hearing aid

Devorah the Ornithologist birdologist at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 01:31:04 PDT 2018

hello everyone,

I would be most interested if replies could be shared with me so I can
contact the authors and possibly write a piece about this hearing aid for
FORBES. would you all be willing to share?

many thanks.

On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 5:26 AM Dick <dick at dkporter.net> wrote:

> Hi,

> I replied to Chazz off-line and he suggested that there may be more

> hearing-impaired birders on Tweeters who might be interested in my

> experience with this product.


> I bought this device several years back (a bit pricey at $750) and use it

> about 1/2 the time when I'm in the woods, parks and meadows. I've lost

> almost all of my hearing over 6000 hz so this is important adjunct to my

> ears.

> Pluses: It really does work, doing a great job of picking up high

> frequency sound and digitally reducing the sound and feeding it back

> through the earphones. I haven't systematically kept track of batteries,

> but I'd say they last 16 hours or more.

> Cons: Feel and fit a little clumsy plus add to my bird-nerd look with

> bins, camera, scope, eBird enabled phone and our favorite birding costume

> from Columbia PFG and Tilley. It's been hard for me to instantly recognize

> the digitally altered sound as coming from a specific bird variety. Mainly

> it lets me know that birds are around, they are a particular direction and

> then I start trying to get a visual. They don't work well near a constant

> underlying sound like running streams or groups of birders walking on

> gravel.

> It's probably vain, but I tend to wear them all the time when I'm birding

> by myself (except if I'm out looking at ducks or shorebirds) and much less

> often when I'm birding with others.


> Bottom line is that I'm glad I have them and probably should use them more

> and try to improve my bird sound id knowledge of the altered sound.


> Hope this helps

> Dick



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> Dear Hearing Impaired Tweeters,


> I started birding after I had damaged my hearing. My lower frequency

> hearing is still pretty good but higher frequencies, e.g., many warblers,

> kinglets, crossbill flight calls, forget it. I got some hand-me-down

> hearing aids that didn't seem to help much for anything. I went online and

> read the ABA article on high frequency hearing loss which was pretty

> favorable regarding the Songfinder hearing aid system. Do any of you have

> any experience with Songfinder? If so, does it improve your ability to

> locate birds? How long do the batteries last? Is it a worthwhile

> investment? Any other thoughts?


> Thanks,


> Chazz Hesselein

> Port Orchard, WA

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