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Hi Roger,
The Painted Redstart is still at Cape Flattery. This morning at 7:50 & 8:15 my wife and I saw just glimpses of it as it races around the mid to upper tree canopy near the lower boardwalk area towards the end of the Cape Flattery trail. Be prepared to recognize its song as it becomes a very infrequent homing beacon. Be also prepared for 'birder's neck'...though I'm not sure that is an official term for a getting stiff neck looking up for a Long Long time.
See my previous post from yesterday too. Arriving early at sunrise increases your chances on hearing the Redstart's vocalizations. Sometimes it travels the treetop autobahn with kinglets. Don't depend on the bird for being in one particular set of trees for long.
We also greatly relied on eBird records and previous Tweeters postings. 
Happy birding,
Bruce & Izabela YoungbergPoulsbo, WA
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Is the Painted Redstart still being seen. If so can someone give me good directions to find it.

Roger Moyer
Chehalis, Wa

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