[Tweeters] Red-shouldered Hawk in Kent

Jim.Flynn merlinmania at comcast.net
Wed Sep 5 18:12:08 PDT 2018

I was doing a little birding in Kent this morning and found a Red-shouldered Hawk at the Boeing Ponds. It flew in from the south, and circled about 100 feet away, giving me glimpses of the strong white crescents at the base of the primaries, and the banded tail. It appeared to be a young bird, with moderately streaky and splotchy underparts. The build was rather like a Red-tail. Been a while since I've seen a Red-shouldered around here and I thought they were a bit longer-tailed. Apparently this bird didn't get the memo.
It perched briefly in a cottonwood but flew out after some harassment by crows. I believe it may have eventually circled back into the tree though, so hopefully it's still there.
Otherwise it was a little slow at the ponds. I did see a couple Orange-crowned Warblers, including a nice gray-headed one, as well as a female Yellow Warbler, all in the shrubs along the south path.

Good birding,

Jim Flynn
Seattle, WA
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