[Tweeters] Ruddy s and 2 B's at Alki

Janeanne Houston houstojc at plu.edu
Tue Sep 4 14:03:52 PDT 2018

Adding to this story, we looked yesterday (Sept. 3) without luck but today (Sept 4) we saw Two Ruddies and one Black Turnstone from the Charles Richards viewpoint, Constellation Park. This was about 2 and half hours before high tide. We walked out on the beach in front of the apartments to get a better view, which was great, until flock of about 15 Killdeer took flight and ended the party. They were evidently sunning out of view in the tideline seaweed. Yesterday, there was a female Harlequin Duck, our first of the fall, and an endearing view of mother and baby Harbor Seals.

Janeanne Houston

West Seattle

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Hi Tweets! Late this morning I wrested myself from a napping granddaughter in West Seattle and drove down the hill to the parks on the south side of Alki Pt. to search for the Ruddy Turnstones that have been there for a couple of weeks now. When I got to the Charles Richards view point, I quickly found a Black Turnstone on the reef offshore to the south. Went back to the car for the scope, and while walking the beach back to the south, found my first B. As in Bill Boynton. We joined forces (as we birders often do) and quickly found two Ruddy Turnstones, along with the Black and several Harlequin Ducks. Then, I got my second B as Blair Bernson (and I thought he was in Canada chasing a Stint) showed up to get the confirming photo. We then meandered about looking for the Lark Sparrow, but no luck there. We then joined some other birders who had gotten scopes on a hugely distant Parasitic Jaeger. A nice second FOY for me. Then - had to get back up the hill before the babe woke up. Happy (serendipitous) birding! - Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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