[Tweeters] 11 Woodpecker Weekend

Roger Moyer rogermoyer1 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 3 22:13:19 PDT 2018

I spent the weekend attempting to see how many species of the state's woodpeckers I could see. I ended up only missing one of the resident species. I started near the top of Bethel Ridge Road. I started at an old burn site near the top of the ridge. After a long wait I finally located and photographed a BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER and saw a WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKER. I retraced my step back down the mountain, took a side road and finally found a meadow with a lot of bird activity. I got out and started looking and listening. I eventually saw WHITE-HEADED, DOWNY, NORTHERN FLICKER, AMERICAN THREE-TOED, RED NAPED SAPSUCKER and heard a HAIRY WOODPECKER. As it neared dark I decided to see if I could find a LEWIS'S WOODPECKER at Oak Creek Wildlife area. I wasn't disappointed; I ended up with 9 species of woodpeckers for the day. As I was headed for Yakima the rear U-Joint on the drive line gave way. So I spent the night camped out alongside the road and drove into using front wheel drive of the 4x4 in the morning. I got things back together and headed to Ft. Simcoe. The bear is still hanging around but I birded anyway. I wanted to see if the ACORN WOODPECKER from last winter was still hanging around. I didn't see it but I did see probably in excess of 100 LEWIS'S WOODPECKERS feeding or getting fed. After consulting with Wilson Cady to refresh my memory as to where the ACORN WOODPECKERS hang out in Lyle I went to see if I could find them. After a 2 hours of searching up and down the road I finally went to the very end of road and was rewarded with seeing a pair of them. I got the final bonus as I was getting ready to leave. A PILIATED WOODPECKER flew in and landed in a tree. All in all seeing 11 of the 12 woodpecker species in the state in two days was a fun time.

Cheers and good birding,

Roger Moyer
Chehalis, WA

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