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Cara Borre cmborre1 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 20:05:31 PDT 2018

As Kevin Black relayed through Jim Danzenbaker, 6 of us were able to see
the Painted Redstart at Cape Flattery this morning. I just wanted to add a
couple tips on finding this bird for those venturing the trip.

As stated previously, it's a morning "singer" and this is the key to
finding it. Asta and I arrived in Neah Bay yesterday about 10:30am. Over
the course of a couple hours (not strictly in search of it and had a great
whale show to distract us), I heard the bird call once, and sing partial
songs twice. The problem on Sunday for me was he never vocalized
repeatedly allowing us to locate him. Remembering Charlie Wright's post,
our plan was to return at 7am (sharp) today. We were there at 6:45am, and
not long after running into Kevin, we heard the bird about 7:15am. What
started as whispering singing increased during the time we viewed the bird
and became both more constant and louder.

Our viewing was well before the picnic tables and off the boardwalk but
still accessible on trails to the right of the boardwalk. I put an
unnatural grouping of red "dead" salal leaves and branches near the short
handrail (top rail only 1.5-2 feet long) that follows a step down in the
boardwalk to mark the area we had the bird. It was not associating with
other birds, was not at the top of the canopy, but 2/3 up, and was
stationary for a good amount of time. Again, the key to finding this bird
is to follow your ears. This was the only warbler sound in the forest the
two days I was there. To Washington birders it's song would sound most
like a Yellow-rumped Warbler and it's call like a Hutton's Vireo.

I do hope this helps anyone seeking this rarity. We also had a brief look
at a JV Stilt Sandpiper near the Warmhouse, a Baird's Sandpiper near the
Senior Center, and the two Buff-breasted Sandpipers at Tsoo-Yess Beach
(park at Donna's parking lot for Shi Shi hike and walk back north on the
beach). Couldn't find the Snowy Plover.

Cara Borre
Gig Harbor
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