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Nadine Drisseq drisseq.n at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 01:03:19 PDT 2018

Scott Downes and his daughter found it on Hobuck beach while looking for
the Buff-breasted Sandpiper. I managed to park a quarter of a mile away
from the walk toward the river mouth - north end of Hobuck beach - and I
also found the Plover who foraging along the littoral zone of seaweed and
other tidal flotsam left behind on beach.

Made my weekend, even though I didn't see the Painted Redstart.

However, the Plover eventually got flushed by a friendly but very off-leash
dog after about an hour and flew away around the bay. I don't know if he
came back.

My Ebird and photos of said Plover. I got nice and close as I lay on the
sand, and pretended to be a benign turtle inching closer. (Much harder than
it looks!)


Grateful to Kevin and Becca for showing me Tufted Puffins and Red
Crossbills. 3 Lifers in one day!

Nadine Drisseq

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