[Tweeters] Coyote and Roadrunner(s) in Port Townsend

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign15 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 16:02:44 PDT 2018

Last night around 9 pm I was in bed minding my own business (trying to read
myself to sleep) when two things happened almost simultaneously; First the
loud splatting of wind-blown rain hit my window, then I heard the loud
wailing and yipping of Coyote! Cool.

Was it Coyote rain complaints or something else? I don't know, not
understanding Coyote-speak very well. Whatever it was they said was over
with in about 10 seconds. I don't know if there was more than one -
sometimes it's hard to tell. It's been a couple of years since I heard any
coyotes around here , or seen any for that matter.

So I was glad to hear Coyote again. It was sort of a miracle that I could
hear anything really, since I have a head cold and my right ear is largely
plugged up, so that only loud sounds get through. Furthermore, this house
is super insulated, and has super thermopane windows that not only block
heat loss, but sound as well; it can be violently windy out yet one can't
hear a thing inside this place. Only when raindrops actually tap on the
windows, or the untrimmed Japanese Maple scrapes on the glass, which it did
last night. Another sound from outside also sneaks in; the vibration of
rainwater gurgling in the tall downspout outside the corner of the room -
that's a nice sound.

Anyhoo, I opened the window to hear the Coyote better, but the show was
over.I did get my room instantly freshened by a big blast of cool moist air
though, much better than the fresheners that are stored in little aerosol

Another loud sound came thru into the house 2 days ago; the call of a
California Quail, calling from the deck rail. Quail are what I sometimes
refer to locally as Roadrunners, since they do run across roads quite
nicely - as I noted the calling Quail's covey of 7 do as they crossed our
road to the hedgerow.

In bird world here, the Anna's Hummers are always busy at the big fuchsia
bush, a flock of Yellow-rumped Warblers moved through the yard the other
day, and our Eagle neighbors are back, and around all the time now.

Jeff Gibson
reporting from
Port Townsend wa
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