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Sun Oct 21 14:09:58 PDT 2018

I have had a chance to finish blog posts for my trip to 5 states in the Midwest/Mideast earlier this month.  Great fun and birding with new friends in Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana.  Also lots of fun places visited for non-birding enjoyment.  A bit on Eurasian Tree Sparrows, Monarch Butterflies, Bourbon Distilleries and the Grave of Muhammad Ali...
Anyone interested can find the posts at:
Missouri https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/21195Illinois https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/21207Tennessee https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/21223Kentucky https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/21241Indiana https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/21267
Wrap Up https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/21289

Blair Bernson
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