[Tweeters] Snohomish County Northern Goshawk.

stan Kostka lynn Schmidt lynnandstan at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 15 20:20:54 PDT 2018

Hi Tweets,

For the second time in my twenty five years of “serious” birding, here in the foothills east of Bryant, I have seen and positively identified a Northern Goshawk, based on the photo and description in 1988 Audubon Western Birds. Both times I observed the birds at very close range, the first one was eating a chicken it killed the previous day, this was about twenty years ago, and the second one while it was attempting to kill a chicken. Both events occurred this time of year, the more recent this past Sunday morning. First time I got extensive video of the bird, this time I did not. I decided to post to Tweeters after seeing just how few sightings have been reported this year on Ebird in this area.

Stan Kostka
lynnandstan at earthlink.net
Arlington (East Bryant)

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