[Tweeters] Them Eagles Has Landed, etc.

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign15 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 18:24:34 PDT 2018

A few nights ago I had a really cool dream about Bald Eagles. It was nice
seeing eagles again, even in a dream. About six or seven of 'em off Port
Townsend. I guess they got off the astral plane here in town today - I saw

The last several months here in PT have been totally eagle-free as far as
I've seen. I haven't seen any at all. The last eagles I saw were the pair
next door to my ma's house up on castle hill. At that time (back in July)
the gigantic youngsters were thrashing around the tall firs up around their
nest, learning to fly. They did look especially large. I think I read
somewhere that the young eagles wings *are* actually larger than the
adults, since as newly fledged birds, the feathers haven' t worn down in
use yet. Hmmmm...... well whatever.The youngsters were having a real time
of it manipulating those big 'ol things,

So this morning I was out at Pt. Wilson just after sunrise and spotted the
first eagle perched right on a chimney on one of the buildings. As I walked
around looking for Meadowlarks, the eagle disappeared over the big boulders
at the point, flying low. I expected to see it just offshore, pestering
some gulls, but was surprised to finally find it way way out on Admiralty
Inlet most of the way to Whidbey, circling and diving down amongst a huge
number of big gulls having a feeding frenzy out there.

Back home in late afternoon I was pleased to see Ma and Pa Eagle perched
together on the "Eagle Tree" - their lookout tree with a territorial Sound
view. Back again from their summer vacation to some BC or Alaska salmon
streams, or something like that.

Back to Pt Wilson, where I was looking for Meadowlarks. That's because I
saw some out there on the sunny morning of October 11th, at least two of
'em, one singing loudly the whole time I was out there. As I listened to
the Meadowlark, I spotted a monster-sized California Sea Lion just off the
point, sort of an odd juxtaposition of creatures. The Sound and the Furry.
No Meadowlarks today.

Jeff Gibson
lurking around in
Port Townsend Wa
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