[Tweeters] Late Lazuli in Mill Canyon

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 14:22:25 PDT 2018

I drove down to the bottom of Mill Canyon in Lincoln County today, and
while scoping the river, I heard a distinctive chip note I couldn't
immediately place. I was actually hoping for the Swamp Sparrow that was
reported a few days ago, but the call wasn't quite right.

I was shocked to finally find the bird, which turned out to be a young male
(I believe) LAZULI BUNTING), a startling late date for this species.

The metalic blue rump, with the color extending faintly onto the tail
caught my eye first. The breast was peachy. The back was drab, somewhere
between blue, gray, and black. The face was plain, with a faint eyering.
The bill was conical and pale. I only saw one wingbar. The bird was
notably smaller than a Western Bluebird.

Once I'd identified the bird visually, I belatedly recognized the
unexpected chip note.

Also in those bushes at the left turn from where the river can be scoped
was a juvenile Common Yellowthroat.

On my way down Mill Canyon Rd., I also found a couple of Golden-crowned

- Michael Hobbs
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