[Tweeters] O.T. ARF Update - amphibians - reptiles - fish

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You tease us with all of those numbers and no species names. I want to
know the reptile and amphibian species you've seen (I've never followed
fully aquatic groups very much), and at least where you saw the first one.
At first it sounded like you saw 50 Western Toads that evening! I then
realized you must have meant it was your 50th species of combined reptiles,
amphibians, and fish. It also took me a bit to see that your jargon "ARF",
referred to amphibians, reptiles, and fish.


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> Nifty 50! Western Toad tonight (what couple DOESN'T spend the evening of

> their 30th wedding anniversary bushwacking through head-high nettles

> looking for toads????) here on Whidbey Island for #50. Earlier I found a

> Long-toed Salamander.


> Totals so far:


> 13 amphibians; 9 reptiles; 28 fish (none caught on hook and line) Had this

> been my Vertebrate Big Year then 32 mammals and 203 birds could be added

> for a total of 285.


> I think the weather will preclude me from scoring anymore amphibians or

> reptiles but I haven't given up on fish.


> ----Steve Ellis


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