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Blue morph is most common on the Central Flyway. I think they are the most common morph there. Decline a bunch as one moves west. Saw quite a few in New Mexico (Bosque del Apache); not common but quite a few.

They seem to be getting more common on the Pacific Coast, at least in WA. If that is the case, and numbers aren't also showing up in CA, then the Blues are coming only off of Wrangell Island.

Years and years ago I read that the blue morph was a response to decrease snow cover on the breeding grounds. Less snow, more dark background, and the dark morph is favored.

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> Nice find! Every paper source I've looked at states that the blue morph is rare, not just in the northwest, but in west coast popluations overall. I wonder if anyone knows of a more definite source on their abundance in our region... Ebird doesn't appear to have an option to list the blue morph separately.


> Though I haven't paid too much attention to Snow Goose reports, there are 3 records I am aware of from the past few weeks... The one you saw, one I saw a couple days ago, and one seen on the outer coast a couple weeks back. Stunning birds for sure!


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