[Tweeters] the "twelfie" Red-tailed Hawk in Bellevue Eastgate

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Wed Nov 21 20:52:01 PST 2018

Had I curbed my initial excitement and bothered to launch a google search BEFORE posting this morning about the blue patagial tagged Red-tailed Hawk bearing the black number "12" on blue, I would have learned that the bird indeed was caught at SeaTac, was a juvenile at the time, and probably released up in Skagit County near Bow https://www.facebook.com/notes/western-washington-birders/reporting-wing-tagged-raptors/1660532240924474/   Research so far hasn't revealed any other details or when this bird might have been caught, tagged, and relocated.  Also in my haste and first gut impression, I saw the bird with a blue tag on it's "shoulder" which is the way it appears to the viewer when perched (kind of like in the name "red-shouldered hawk") when the most accurate description to the type of tag and it's location is the patagium or patagial wing tag https://www.thespruce.com/bird-wing-parts-387365    The bird is presumably long gone now, unconfirmed reports suggest this "twelfie" may be heading east toward Charlotte and indeed, dressed to rumble.
This morning about 10 hours ago, I wrote:  Just now spied an adult Red-tailed Hawk with a blue tag on it's right shoulder bearing the number "12" in big black numerals that landed in a big mature Douglas Fir just outside the front window while I am right now eating a late breakfast.  Maybe just another "twelfie" roaming the neighborhood??? ….or maybe something caught and tagged recently at SeaTac, or perhaps some other origin?  If anyone knows anything about this bird, Bud Anderson might, I am just curious, please let me know if it ain't too much trouble.  Thanks.
Richard RowlettBellevue, Eastgate0.8mi south of I-90, elev 574ft 
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