[Tweeters] crow with avian keratin disorder

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Tue Nov 20 18:28:24 PST 2018

You can report them here

> https://www.usgs.gov/centers/asc/science/beak-deformities-landbirds?qt-science_center_objects=0#qt-science_center_objects <https://www.usgs.gov/centers/asc/science/beak-deformities-landbirds?qt-science_center_objects=0#qt-science_center_objects>

Or email Caroline Van Hemert.
cvanhemert at usgs.gov <mailto:cvanhemert at usgs.gov>


> On Nov 20, 2018, at 3:37 PM, J Christian Kessler <1northraven at gmail.com> wrote:


> just saw a crow at Matthews Beach park with avian keratin disorder, bill long, thin, and hooked. I seem to recall a note on Tweeters indicating that such sightings should be reported to some site, but do not recall more than that. Can someone remind me of whether and where to report this?


> Otherwise just the normal birds -- Am. Wigeon, Mallard, Gadwall, Canada Geese, Double-crested Cormorant, Pied-billed Grebe, Common Merganser, and CA Gull. surprisingly few gulls.


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