[Tweeters] Shadow Birding

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign15 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 08:49:13 PST 2018

Just now, while sitting at my computer, I noted a shadow on the window - it
was moving! A bird!

I guess this is sort of an advertisement for the benefits of not washing
your windows (I do have other excuses). Right now the morning sunlight is
slanting across the dirty window mainly highlighting all the dirt. The
shadow of the Wisteria outside projects quite nicely on this dirty sunlit

And then the bird. The shadow was moving on the window and instantly I
identified it as a Bewicks Wren, typical lurker around here. Small, pointy
bill,perky tail, etc. Snooping wren-like thru the bush.

The bird soon moved into view and was revealed to be a Red-breasted
Nuthatch. Shadow birding is fun if not a bit dubious. Of course there is
the beauty associated with having a crystal clear view out of a clean
window. I think I'll just clean one side and enjoy both shadow birding and
clear seeing.

Just Sayin'
Jeff Gibson
Port Townsend Wa
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