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Sun Nov 18 11:52:33 PST 2018

Yesterday I made the trip to Fir Island Preserve and was not disappointed with the show of birds. A juvenile peregrine falcon spent most of time while I was there on a trunk in the marsh. While trying to photograph it with my iPhone (digiscope) with no attachment, I completely missed it being harassed by a northern harrier. Until today when I looked at my digiscope attempts.

For poor digiscope pics of the surprise - https://flic.kr/p/2aehZRA

The dunlin murmurations continue to awe. Numbers were larger just outside of Edison where the water is filling up the fields.

On a trip to down Dry Slough Road where it meets up with Skagit County Road I observed a merlin. Snow geese in large numbers in one of the No Hunting fields also along Dry Slough Road (1000s). Likely those that were observed evacuating Fir Island area once the hunting started early morning.

The light is great in Seattle today so I am observing the birds in the yard. I have a small sparrow, either a chipping sparrow or an American tree sparrow in the bird bath but if I move for a better it will spook so best I can do on id (it has a rufous cap. Other birds spotted towhees, dark eyed juncos, 2 leucistis black capped chickadees this years young), bushtits, Anna's hummingbirds and one tiny humming bird I can't quite make out as the Anna's chases it was as soon as it arrives Oh and house finches.


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