[Tweeters] Unusual bird near Bainbridge ferry

Heidi at dogwoodesign.net Heidi at dogwoodesign.net
Sun Nov 18 09:11:45 PST 2018

Hi there,

This bird was unusual for me and I haven't been able to find it in
Sibley's. It was about 100 yards to the southeast of the idling ferry
at the Bainbridge ferry terminal in the water. The closest bird in
Sibley's to what I saw was a Black vented shearwater. This bird's head
was grey. The nape and the back was white except for black primaries.
It had dark eyes. Saw it about 30 minutes ago. Thanks for any
identification ideas. Unfortunately, it was too far away to get a
picture with my cell phone. -hn

Winslow, WA
Heidi Narte

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