[Tweeters] Neah Bay Northern Mockingbird and Tropical Kingbird

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Mon Nov 12 20:33:19 PST 2018

Ann Marie Wood and I visited Neah Bay today with our primary target being the Tropical Kingbird which had been seen the last few days.  It was gorgeous but very windy and birders we met there said they had not seen the TRKI today and only once yesterday.  We searched hard without luck as well.  Returning to town from Tsoo Yess Beach around 1:30 along Cape Flattery Road almost to the fence at the Sewage Treat Ponds, we saw a medium sized gray bird with black in the wings and tail flying low along the edge of the road on the Wa'atch River side.  We had both just been in the South where we had seen many Northern Mockingbirds and we knew at once that this is what we saw.  I was able to get a couple of poor photos but they confirmed the identification.  New for the year and new for Clallam County for both of us.
We continued on to the waterfront in town and had the expected birds and two Eurasian Widgeons and an Eared Grebe.  It was now about 3:00 and we decided to try the Warmhouse once more for the TRKI and then head home.  Nothing at the Warmhouse but about 400 yards further east, we found the Tropical Kingbird - flycatching from the telephone wires and then perching across the street in the Alders before returning.  New state year birds for both of us again.  
To cap a great day, as we approached Kingston, the signboard said there would be an hour wait for the Ferry.  We paid our way and got into line 14.  We were among the last to board the 6:10 ferry - so only a very brief wait after all.  We were loaded onto the center section and somehow were off loaded before all the other cars that got on way before us.  Now that is a great ending to a great day.
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