[Tweeters] gold creek kokanee

dave templeton crazydave65 at inbox.com
Sun Nov 11 16:28:13 PST 2018


kokanee don't have feathers, you say, and i agree; but dippers do. if you haven't had your periodic dose of dipperdom, there are a whole bunch up at gold creek (hyak exit off i-90 possibly in wayyyy east king county, but more likely on the west side of kittitas county). they are shadowing kokanee spawners in the creek between lake keechelus and gold creek pond. who knew there was a salmonid run in november?? i didn't but there's all kinds of you tube postings from the last ten years. little minisockeye cruising up the creek and valiantly working their way up 18 inch waterfalls. anyway the birds are powered by salmon oil and having a great time yelling and dive bombing pals.



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