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Tweets – a very belated report from last Thursday. What we mostly had was FOG. The morning started out at a brisk 33 degrees and foggy, and warmed up 10 degrees, but we didn’t start losing the fog until 11:00 a.m. Often we couldn’t see across the slough; at the Lake Platform, we could only sort of see where the apartment docks were. So there was a lot we probably didn’t see.

a.. Cackling Goose – Flock of more than 1000 inside the ballfields near the east park entrance
b.. Gadwall – pair in slough below the weir; first since August !?!
c.. Green Heron – Obscurely seen at Rowing Club pond
d.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt heard one hours before sunrise
e.. Red-breasted Sapsucker – great looks near park office
f.. Hairy Woodpecker – One at the Rowing Club
g.. Bewick’s Wren – no sign nor squeak of them last week; this week, totally back to normal
h.. Cedar Waxwing – some large flocks
i.. Lincoln’s Sparrow – Matt saw one
j.. Western Meadowlark – Four
k.. Townsend’s Warbler – I saw one, south edge of the Dog Meadow; First of Fall
Unsurprisingly, we missed several normally-common birds: Western Grebe, Rock Pigeon, Double-crested Cormorant, Steller’s Jay, Northern Shrike, Pine Siskin (though we almost listed them based on what we were hearing sometimes), and Yellow-rumped Warbler (also, may have heard).

A late scoping of the lake after the walk (with the fog lifted) supplied only a Belted Kingfisher. Bald Eagles may be chasing some of the birds away from the north end of the lake.

For the day, 56 species; not at all bad, given the conditions.

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