[Tweeters] Harris's Sparrow at the Fill

Constance Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 12:01:03 PST 2018

Hey tweets, Sam and Louis have located an immature Harris's Sparrow at the Fill just now, and all of my Intermediate Birding class who were still at the Fill managed to see it as well - a life bird for several.

This is a beautiful sparrow with black on the breast against spanking white feathers. it is foraging in the furrows of the Youth Farm (at the easternmost corner). This is a small field that abuts the sidewalk right where Mary Gates Blvd. turns into 41st. There are tall sunflowers along the sidewalk of the this field, and unharvested kale and chard. The sparrow is in company with a White-throated Sparrow (another beauty) and several White- and Golden-crowned Sparrows.

The last time I saw a Harris's at the Fill was 1992, also in November. Dan MacDougall-Treacy (and also Luke Cole and Rob Thorn) saw one in 1993. Other than a spot in 1974 by Fayette Krause, that's it for this sparrow at the Fill. What a day!

Also present: a couple of Swamp Sparrows down at East Point. The Redheads and Canvasbacks are back, along with numerous Ring-necked Ducks, Wigeons, and a couple of Cackling Geese among the Canadas. - Connie, Seattle

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