[Tweeters] Discovery Park Harris’s Sparrow

Matt Dufort matt.dufort at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 10:17:09 PST 2018

Hi tweets,

This morning at about 9:00 there was a Harris’s Sparrow with a flock of
Golden-crowned Sparrows at Discovery Park. They were foraging on the old
road that runs along the west side of the parade grounds (see map here:
). Best bet for refinding it is to look through the many small flocks of
Golden-crowns in the area. Lots of other sparrows around, too:
White-crowned, Fox, Lincoln’s, a late Savannah.

There seems to have been a push of late passerine migration in the last day
or two. Tons of robins, thrushes, sparrows, finches, and such, acting like
they just got here after a long flight.

Good birding,

Matt Dufort
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