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We have those 8x28 Vipers. Crisp optics, good handling and tough bins for a
good price but wow the FOV is narrow.

I agree re marshaling one's assets re optics, travel and other things. The
cost/return curve flattens out big time above Terra ED/Monarch 5 class. I
love my FLs (demos, bought 'em 6 years ago for $1500), but I would do just
fine with my wife's Monarch 5s.

On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:36 AM Rick Tyler <rhtyler at gmail.com> wrote:

> I spent an afternoon in (and outside) the optics tent at the Biggest Week

> in American Birding last year, and compared my humble $360 Zeiss Terra EDs

> with all of the big-name bins. The Zeiss Victory SF, Swarovski EL and Leica

> Ultravids were all amazing, and I really didn't find much difference

> between them. When I sat down on a nearby log (overlooking a bird-filled

> pond) and thought about it, I decided that my existing bins worked just

> fine and I would rather spend $2k-plus on traveling for birding. There are

> a lot of good choices for under $500, including the Terras, but if cost is

> no object, I'd look at the expensive glass. (I also have two pair of really

> nice Vortex bins, including the incredible 8x28 Vipers that are my tiny

> briefcase bins.)


> Meanwhile, my Terras and I are off to SE Arizona tomorrow morning. :)


> Rick Tyler


> On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:28 AM Steve Loitz <steveloitz at gmail.com> wrote:


>> EL 8.5x42 is excellent glass, but I suggest anyone thinking about

>> spending $2K on bins look through them and competing alpha bins (e.g.,

>> Zeiss FL, Leica Ultravid) before buying. Specifically, check out the

>> difference re Swaro's field flattening at the edges vs. Zeiss and Leica.

>> Personally, my eyes prefer Zeiss FL. Also, to my eye Zeiss does a bit

>> better with CA correction, although that is splitting hairs. All Big 3

>> alpha bins have excellent optics. Also, check out warranties and consumers'

>> reports re warranties. (IME, Zeiss and Nikon are the best re warranties and

>> customer service, Leica the worst.)


>> Finally, check out the Cornell binocular tests and allbinos.com


>> On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:12 AM James Ullrich <jimullrich at gmail.com>

>> wrote:


>>> Hello Tweets:

>>> In reference to Eric’s request, I recommend the Swarovski EL 8.5x42 as

>>> the best on the market.

>>> Arguably the last binocular you will ever need to buy again, it is so

>>> good.

>>> Only advice is to never buy online, but always go to a local reputable

>>> dealer like Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner, WA. They have the EL 8.5x 42

>>> and other Top End binocs in stock. Call 360-797-7100 on availability.

>>> You always want to try out whatever you buy, put it to your face and

>>> work with the ergonomics of the particular brand you are testing. If you

>>> buy online, one never knows what may be shipped to you. Just ask USA

>>> Swarovski, Zeiss or KOWA and they will educate you on the “grey market”, of

>>> stolen or remanufactured binocs on the web.

>>> Yours for the Birds n’ the Bees

>>> Jim Ullrich


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