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Diane B. dibirsner at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 14:43:21 PST 2018

Hi Eric,
I'm going to weigh in about Zeiss customer service. In early summer of 2013
I sent in my original 10x40-B Zeiss bins, purchased in 1986, to the service
center on the east coast for repair on the eyecups which had eventually
worn out. Their repair process was behind the times and involved waiting
for the repairs estimate, then mailing them a check before they could order
the parts from Germany, a few follow-up emails, and a few more phone calls.
Each time I spoke with the service representative I was assigned to, she
was courteous and professional, but honestly couldn't tell me when the
parts would arrive from Germany. After 4 months the service rep, who said I
was always so polite to her and had so been patient, sent me a new pair of
Conquest HD 10x42s. For free. Well, almost, I had paid for the repair of my
old Zeiss bins which may have found eternal rest in their repair queue.
Then about 2 months later I received my old bins, fixed. I called to thank
the service rep and offered to ship back the Conquests (which I didn't
really want to do); she said they were mine to keep.
I know you're looking at 8x42s, and I can't speak to them, but I do love my
10x42s. I get a little shake with them because they're heavy, though not as
heavy as my 10x40-Bs. This experience affirmed to me that Zeiss is a
reputable company. (And that courtesy pays!)
Good luck and good birding,
Diane Birsner
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