[Tweeters] Would a starling roost do in a pinch?

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 18:27:43 PST 2018

Dear Tweeters,
There has been a thread about crow roosts lately. I did see a flock of about 50 American Crows flying to Mount Erie (near Anacortes) yesterday evening, but that is small potatoes compared to the other crow roosts people have described. 
However, if awe-inspiring avian spectacles of the non-corvid kind are desired, there is a nightly roost of Starlings at the junction of SR 20 and Bay View-Edison Road, between Anacortes and Burlington, that will impress. The best place to watch is probably at the spot where Big Indian Slough crosses Bay View-Edison Road. I estimated 14,000 starlings there this evening.
Other interesting Skagit birds from today (the fourth of November) are as follows.
--Some kind of tubenose at Rosario Head today, in a gale, Beaufort force 8 (or perhaps a strong gale, Beaufort 9). I think the bird might have been a Pink-footed Shearwater, but was not sure. If I had not retreated behind a bush for shelter a minute before the bird appeared, I would have had a better look.
--A flock of Snow Geese foraging in a field on Cockreham Island. Snow Geese are rather rare upriver, and when they do appear, they almost invariably fly over, rather than landing. Unfortunately, this autumn is probably the last hurrah for big flocks of waterfowl at Cockreham Island. The last dairy farm was purchased by the blueberry farm operator last June, and the former pastures and hayfields of that farm are now being prepared for something, presumably more blueberries, which already cover the vast majority of the former dairy fields there.
--A lone Long-billed Curlew was not getting much love at Hayton Reserve today, what with everyone oohing and ahhing over the Tropical Kingbird and the two remaining Snow Buntings there.
Yours truly,
Gary Bletsch
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