[Tweeters] A rare Mandarin duck is hanging out in NYC's Central Park and nobody knows how it got there - CNN

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In 2005 I worked for a company in Auburn. The company owner told me that Mandarin Ducks were visiting his Auburn home and eating dropped seed from his bird feeder. He gave me photos of 3 males & 2 females. At the time I remembered a recent Tweeters report of a male MADU on the Green River. I didn't take the single male report too seriously, but several? Maybe these were not escapees!

Since I worked close to the Green River, I decided to take my lunch breaks at various pull offs along the river and see what I could see. This was between S 277th St & the Auburn Golf Course. On June 21 , 2005 I saw an adult female Mandarin Duck swimming on the Green River with 6 very young ducklings! Mandarin Ducks were breeding in Auburn! But was it an established population . On June 22 , July 1 and July 6 I saw a female with 1 duckling in about the same place, on the river. On July 8 I saw a female with no young. Below is a link to 2 photos I took of the female on that date. I regret that I have no photos of the ducklings.

I put this info on Tweeters, hoping that someone else might be interested and want to follow up. I saw nothing more on Tweeters. I took a job elsewhere & no longer visited the river. And that was that. Perhaps the birds are gone. And perhaps there is a small population of Mandarin Ducks still producing young in Auburn.

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I’ve encountered several Mandarins over the years, including a pair that had bred, and were considered escapees from a breeder or a zoo. This was in the Midwest years ago. I’ve always considered them escapees. Why wouldn’t this fall under the same category? I’ve always ignored them, since I know bird breeders also breed them.
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