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Tweets – Today was most notable for being dark, unsurprising as we are approximately at the cross-quarter (Samhain), and entering the darkest quarter of the year. Abandon all hope... There were short drizzle squalls, and bits of mist and mizzle, but it really wasn’t too rainy. With temps right around 60 degrees, even the occasional gusty winds merely meant our optics needed to be dried occasionally; it’s not like it was uncomfortable. But it WAS dark, and fairly quiet, except for the huge number of American Robins.

a.. SNOW GOOSE – flyby of flock of nearly 40
b.. Cackling Goose – flock size increasing; maybe nearly 100 today
c.. American Wigeon – flyby flock of 4
d.. Northern Pintail – flyby flock of about 6
e.. Green-winged Teal – just 2 below the weir
f.. Ring-necked Duck – two near the cabana again
g.. Wilson’s Snipe – at least two flushed as we walked the boardwalk
h.. Mew Gull – First of Fall; flock of maybe 50
i.. Green Heron – one again at Rowing Club pond
j.. Barn Owl – Matt saw one early
k.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt heard one early near boardwalk; first in 7 weeks
l.. Red-breasted Sapsucker – One; only woodpecker besides Northern Flicker
m.. MERLIN – one flew past the Pea Patch
n.. Cedar Waxwing – still a few good-sized flocks
o.. Dark-eyed Junco – Our most numerous sparrow, and at least one “SLATE-COLORED” type
p.. Western Meadowlark – at least 1 with huge flock of starlings
q.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – Three
One juvenile SNOW GOOSE was seen this weekend, which was the First of Fall for Marymoor; today’s flock was the First of Fall for the survey.

Misses were notable today: Gadwall, Bufflehead, Hooded Merganser (possibly glimpsed in flight), Western Grebe, Virginia Rail, Ring-billed Gull, California Gull (though we failed to ID several gulls), Sharp-shinned Hawk, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Shrike, Bewick’s Wren, Purple Finch, Pine Siskin, and Lincoln’s Sparrow have all been seen on at least 12 years of the last 24 for this week of the year, but not today!

For the day, 53 species.

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