[Tweeters] Are our "early" Ospreys not "arriving", but only "passing through"?

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Sat Mar 31 17:51:49 PDT 2018

7 of the 8 Ospreys I saw on March 20th of this year were perched on
sacrificial utility pole nests. The other was perched on a Cottonwood limb
-- a Cottonwood in which I often see an Osprey perched from spring through
summer. One of those nests now seems to be occupied by a Canada Goose. I
presumed they all intended to spend the season here.

Kevin Lucas
Selah, Yakima County, WA

On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 5:26 PM, Denis DeSilvis <avnacrs4birds at outlook.com>

> Tweeters,

> For 4 years straight in the early part of this century, at least one of

> the Hamm Creek (opposite the Boeing Developmental Center) Osprey pair

> returned on March 31st. (Leap year included!) I led a Seattle Audubon trip

> along the lower Duwamish River today - no Ospreys spotted anywhere from

> Jack Block Park to Cecil Moses Park.


> May all your birds be identified,

> Denis DeSilvis

> avnacrs4birds at outlook.com


> Avian Acres 🦉

> Roy, WA

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> only "passing through"?



> In the 1981-1984 period I participated in aerial surveys of bald eagle

> nests in western Washington and we would occasionally encounter an osprey

> perched on or very close to an existing osprey nest in the April 10-15

> period. I always thought that these were birds that would eventually nest

> at those sites. To me, they seemed to be the earliest arrivals and active

> nesting was still weeks away.




> I’ve been in Virginia and seeing osprey at several locations since March 23

> rd. The first one I saw I thought quite significant but now I’m thinking

> this is simply when they arrive here on the east coast.




> Kelly McAllister


> Olympia




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> "passing through"?




> If I'm not mistaken, years ago I estimated that the pair of Ospreys, that

> nested on the light post between the West Seattle Bridge and the Ash Grove

> Cement plant, arrived about April 23rd. That said, every year I read

> Tweeters reports I hear of Ospreys "arriving" weeks earlier in different

> spots in Washington. I haven't kept careful track of what day I see the

> first Osprey on that nest, but it is never weeks earlier than that April

> 23rd. My thought was that maybe those first reportedly "arriving" were

> really "passing through", and the first sighted migrants were headed to the

> most northerly nesting sites. Does anyone have information on whether the

> earliest Osprey sightings in Washington are not arriving at nesting sites,

> but that they may be only passing through to nesting sites the furthest

> north? These earliest Ospreys that may be only "passing through" have long

> been referred to as "early". If it turns out that all of the earliest

> sightings are just sightings of those headed the furthest north, maybe we

> would stop calling them "early", and maybe start calling them something

> like the "first passer-bys and most northerly destined".




> -Stewart


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