[Tweeters] Are our "early" Ospreys not "arriving", but only "passing through"?

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 15:22:50 PDT 2018

If I'm not mistaken, years ago I estimated that the pair of Ospreys, that
nested on the light post between the West Seattle Bridge and the Ash Grove
Cement plant, arrived about April 23rd. That said, every year I read
Tweeters reports I hear of Ospreys "arriving" weeks earlier in different
spots in Washington. I haven't kept careful track of what day I see the
first Osprey on that nest, but it is never weeks earlier than that April
23rd. My thought was that maybe those first reportedly "arriving" were
really "passing through", and the first sighted migrants were headed to the
most northerly nesting sites. Does anyone have information on whether the
earliest Osprey sightings in Washington are not arriving at nesting sites,
but that they may be only passing through to nesting sites the furthest
north? These earliest Ospreys that may be only "passing through" have long
been referred to as "early". If it turns out that all of the earliest
sightings are just sightings of those headed the furthest north, maybe we
would stop calling them "early", and maybe start calling them something
like the "first passer-bys and most northerly destined".

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