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I was asked to post this message regarding marked Snow Geese observed in Washington. - Joe Buchanan (WDFW)


The Skagit and Fraser River deltas are traditional overwintering areas for the Lesser Snow Goose population originating from Wrangel Island, Russia. Today, approximately 30-50% of this population spends late-October through mid-April in this region of Washington. Vasiliy Baranyuk is the long-time researcher for this goose population, and is responsible for expanding investigations in the late-1980s on Wrangel Island that has culminated in almost 30-years of international collaboration with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Geological Survey, Canadian Wildlife Service, and many others. This rich research and management history has utilized numerous field methods and techniques including capturing geese on Wrangel Island and marking them with federal metal bands and in some cases RED neck collars. Additionally, a small number of BROWN neck collars were deployed on geese caught in the Skagit River Delta, Washington.

Collars display unique codes used to identify individuals from afar. These codes contain three characters; one large character oriented horizontally, and two smaller characters oriented vertically and read from the bird's body towards their head. Please make note of collar color, code color, and the 3-character code.

Live-encounter observations of these collars can be reported to the Bird Banding Lab at www.reportband.gov<http://www.reportband.gov> , where you will receive details on the specific individual observed from banding records. Information from reports of sightings serves as an important tool to track individual geese over long-time periods to provide ecology and life-history insights such as: survival, winter site fidelity, habitat use, and movement patterns.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Kyle Spragens - WDFW Waterfowl Section Manager

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