[Tweeters] Banded Lesser Snow Goose

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Wed Mar 28 14:13:39 PDT 2018


Check out the first two images at:


It appears the flat part of the 8 is the bottom, based on the adjacent
characters -- a 7 on one band and an F on another.

Based on that, my take is that the band in your photo would be 81 (eight
one) vertical, with a horizontal 0 or O. (I typed the number zero, then a
capital letter o.)

In the submission form they also have provision to note which characters
are vertical, and which are horizontal.

A Tundra Swan I spotted at Grandview Wastewater Treatment Facility (Yakima
County) in August of 2015 had it's neck band right at water level, giving a
perfect mirror reflection, doubling the number of characters and flipping
half. It also had the character for the letter theta. For a while that was
truly Greek to me. (Sorry) It turned out to be the leucistic Theta 50 that
was seen not long ago on the west side of the Cascades.

Kevin Lucas
Selah, WA


On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 9:41 AM, Robert DeCandido PhD <rdcny at earthlink.net>

> Hello Tweeters,


> Need a bit more help! On 21 March we (Deborah Allen/me) photographed

> Lesser Snow Geese near La Conner WA.


> https://rdcny3.wixsite.com/birds-from-every-1


> Is the band# 0-81 or 0-18 or - (letter)O-81 or O-18 etc.?


> Does anyone know off-hand who is banding Lesser Snow Geese and where? Once

> someone helps us determine the correct way to read this band, we will

> report to USFWS.


> Any suggestions would be welcome.


> Thank You!


> Deborah and Bob


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