[Tweeters] ID of fish/Bald Eagle determined

Robert DeCandido PhD rdcny at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 28 11:27:47 PDT 2018

Wow! it is amazing how much detail folks know and can accrue from
photographs...Thank You to Rick Hibpshman for the great info below
(and thanks to Michelle Landis who suggested same answer):

From: Rick Hibpshman
Sent: Mar 28, 2018
To: "rdcny at earthlink.net"
Subject: TWEETERS fish ID question

It looks like Starry Flounder

based on the head shape, both dorsal and ventral coloration, the
stellate tubercles that give it the rough looking texture on the
dorsal (eyed) side. Also, while the majority of flatfishes are
dextral or "right-eyed", Starry Flounder are one of the few where
about 50% of the time they can be sinistral or "left-eyed". The fish
in the picture is definitely sinistral.

Based on the condition the fish was in (head only, and guts, with
some skin and fin tissue) I would guess that the flounder was caught
by a fisherman, filleted, and the head, guts, and skin were discarded
and the eagle was scavenging the remains.

Great photos!

Rick Hibpshman
Hello Tweeters,

Need some help...along with Deborah Allen I photographed this almost
adult Bald Eagle at Semiahmoo (near Blaine) on 18 March.


What is the species of fish this eagle is eating? We were visiting
from NYC for the Wings Over Water Birding Festival where we gave two
keynote talks - but we love your birds...and need to know more about
fish that eagles are likely to feed upon. This fish is a bottom
feeder (note dark dorsal area and light ventral; both eyes on dorsal surface).

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Deborah and Bob

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