[Tweeters] Directions to Toledo Airport.

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I guess one implicit (and perhaps incorrect) assumption I made was that most (or at least many) people serious enough to be on Tweeters would also be on eBird, and there were at least six previous reports of the kite on eBird, with the specific location noted on the eBird map. Which is what I used as a starting point for getting there. Two of those at least had a street number (127 and 170 Buckley Road, Toledo) - using one of those addresses in my car's nav system got me right there even not being familiar with that area personally. The nav system routed me exactly the way Roger describes in his post.

Also for people not aware, there is a program/app called Rar e Birder that provides notifications of eBird sightings of rare species shortly after they are posted (and before they are verified by eBird reviewers, creating a tradeoff between quick notification but with some risk that the report may have been a mis-identification). That program periodically pops rare bird notifications onto your computer and clicking on the link for a species takes you to a map on eBird with flags as to where the bird(s) was seen and clicking on that map point takes you to the actual eBird post containing the sighting, which of course includes who made the post. The link from Rarebirder is how I became aware of the kite and found the specific location from its link to eBird.

Again, sorry for the TxxxxO town confusion. I grew up in PA. Toledo belongs in Ohio. And Spain, originally, I guess...! (I got A's in geography in school, but that was more than a few decades ago...!)

As to the bird's location, I found it on the west side of Buckley (as did Ken Brown based on his post), not on the treeline south of the runway - so be sure to carefully check both sides of the road.

John Tubbs

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For those who are trying to find Toledo Airport for the Kite here is the easiest way to find it. Coming south on I-5 take exit 68. Highway 12 goes east. Over the freeway. Go about 3-5 miles east on Hwy 12 to the first stoplight after the interchange. Turn right /south and go about 5-7 miles and the airport is on the left. Buckley Rd goes to the left just south of the runway. The bird has been hanging out along the tree line on the south side of the runway.

Roger Moyer
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