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I don’t know if this is already on tweeters, but Melissa forwarded it to me, and if not it seems worthwhile to send it on just for the info if not for the excitement of the chase.

Dennis Paulson

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>> Subject: 3 SHORT-TAILED ALBATROSSES off Tofino


>> I organized a pelagic with 13 people today out of Tofino with Ocean Outfitters. I have been trying to do a March pelagic with friends for a few years but the weather never cooperated. The goal was to see a Parakeet Auklet since it's the right window. We had beautiful weather with sunshine and no rain.


>> We got out to Clayquot Canyon and 45 miles off shore and over 2000 feet deep searching along the canyon for Parakeet Auklets we didn't see any but we spotted a fishing boat and Mike Toochin spotted a SHORT-TAILED ALBATROSS rather quickly and then a second one was spotted and a third!! We were all in disbelief! We all got excellent views and good photos which I'll post to the RBA Blog main page. The Albatrosses stayed with us the whole 5 hours we were out at the canyon and stayed behind the boat circling as well giving us all great views. We saw great amount of marine mammals as well which I've listed below.


>> Some of the highlights were:

>> 3 Short-tailed Albatrosses

>> 400 Black-footed Albatrosses

>> 200 Northern Fulmars

>> 10 Sooty Shearwaters

>> 1 Pomarine Jaeger

>> 20 Black-legged Kittiwakes

>> 3 Cassin's Auklets

>> 1 Ancient Murrelet

>> 2 Marbled Murrelets


>> Marine Mammals

>> Northern Fur Seals

>> Sea Otters

>> Dall's Porpoises

>> Stellar Sea Lions

>> Fin Whales

>> Humpback Whales

>> Gray Whales (only the captain saw the Gray Whales)


>> If anyone wants to see the STALs I think they have a very good chance if they charter a boat and get out there pretty soon and find a fishing boat. I'll post exact GPS coordinates of where we saw them and photos.


>> It was an amazing day for everyone with beautiful weather and we set out for one bird and got an even better one. It was a lifer for everyone on board except for Mike Toochin for whom it was a BC bird.


>> If anyone wants advice on chartering a boat to this location please email me directly.


>> Cheers,

>> Melissa Hafting

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