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Fri Mar 23 07:51:59 PDT 2018

Here’s the note I sent to Hans (edited a bit) - apparently I sent as “reply” rather than “reply all.” // (Cold here at Potholes State Park this morning!)

I see the last Band-tailed Pigeons in October, at Roy. That’s about the same for the trip I lead every month at JBLM. By late April, I have up to 60 at Roy, but they don’t usually arrive before the first week of April. I’ve figured it’s a matter of microclimate, especially since our temp is usually about 10degF cooler here in winter than Seattle. Same goes for Anna’s Hummingbirds- last one in October or very early November; and first ones in late March.

May all your birds be identified,
Denis DeSilvis
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Roy, WA

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