[Tweeters] off-topic: Biggest Week Birding event in Ohio

Judy Clinesmith jaclinesmith at fidalgo.net
Thu Mar 22 13:57:04 PDT 2018

We're definitely only amateur casual birdwatchers, but we will be
birding in the Magee Marsh area with friends from upstate New York
during the festival.  We've signed up for the boat trip to Point Pelee
as well.

Judy Clinesmith

Lacey WA

jaclinesmith at fidalgo.net

On 3/22/2018 9:52 AM, Jim Danzenbaker wrote:

> Hi tweeters,


> For the last +/- five years, I have attended the Biggest Week in

> American Birding in Ohio in early-mid May and I've always been

> surprised at the number of Washington birders that I meet on the Magee

> Marsh boardwalk and elsewhere during the week.  For this year, I'm

> wondering - who in tweeter land is attending?  Maybe we can have a

> Washington birders night while there.


> Thanks.


> Jim

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> Jim Danzenbaker

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