[Tweeters] Black Phoebe & FOY Rufous, and GHO query

Nadine Drisseq bearsmartwa at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 23:11:01 PDT 2018

Hi Tweets,

Today, I got good looks and photos of a Black Phoebe at Hawk's Prairie
Ponds just off the Marvin Rd exit of I-5S, which is one exit south of
Nisqually Nat. Wildlife Refuge.

I managed to get a decent pic of it sallying. (luck!)

The bird was seen sallying from several bushes in the pond that is just
south of kiosk 3, for approx. 1 hour before sunset, before flying west,
presumably to another pond or roosting area.
Here's Hawks Prairie map.
This is quite a nice wetland for birding and a 5 min drive from Nisqually.

Nisqually NWR (Billy Frank) was a little quiet today, although someone saw
a Horned Grebe on the river (north side). No sign of the Saw Whet in the
roadside cedar or the nearby trees.

So, the Great Horned Owl nest in the snag at Nisqually *might* now be empty
according to many birders whom visited it today along with myself. My
friend watched it for 30 mins this lunchtime, and then we revisited it
several times over the afternoon. No back feathers or ears were visible
today (we're using 600mm+ lenses) we know that there are always some kind
of feathers or ears of the 'female' to be seen. Since the nest dates from
the end of January, and it's now March 20th, we calculate the eggs may now
have gone beyond the incubation period? Confirmation regarding this from
others please, maybe from Wednesday's birding team? I have pics of the
seemingly empty snag if anyone would like to see.

Also a Rufous Hummingbird (FOY) in my yard - Lake Kathleen, just south of

Thanks for any feedback on the GHO. While a goose nesting in the snag is
always fun, I much prefer the owl.

*Nadine Drisseq*
*Biologist, **Bear Smart WA*

bearsmartwa at gmail.com
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