[Tweeters] old photos of yellow-shafted looking flickers

Caren Brinkema Photography caren at brinkemaphoto.com
Mon Mar 19 20:11:02 PDT 2018

I FINALLY found some photos I took from my backyard (I live in the Roosevelt/Maple Leaf area) in 2015 and 2016 that I knew I had but could not find of a male and female flicker that were very "yellow-shafted”. The male does has a very gray face but other than that all of his markings were consistent with a yellow-shaft. The female had a very brownish face and a definite red crescent, as well as some brilliant yellow tail feathers. Although I remember at the time how floored I was to see them, this was before I was a part of the tweeters universe. A more “normal” red-shafted female also hung out with them often. I thought I would share these with you now even though they’re old cuz why not? I saw them both in 2018 as well but unfortunately got no pics of them. I also did see the male earlier this winter (which led to my hunt for these pics) but no signs of any yellow-looking-shafts lately (although I will keep an eye out). The photos aren’t the greatest - they are shot through an old window, but you can clearly see their coloring. We’ve also had several “in between” (?) colored flickers around as well, so it seems they’ve been busy. Enjoy!


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