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Check the page for our suet recipe.  
All our birds love it including Steller's and Scub jays, Chickadees, nuthatches, juncos,  Townsend warblers, Ruby-crowned kinglets, bushtits, song sparrows, Bewick's wren, flickers, Downy woodpecker...Hermit and Varied Thrush, etc like to eat what drops on the ground.
Unfortunately, also Starlings. 
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We moved into our home in Richmond Highlands (Shoreline near Edmonds) last September. At that time we noticed flickers and jays coming by to check out what we had in the feeders. That said, since November it's been only chickadees, juncos, nuthatches and the occasional spotted towhee. 
How do I get the flickers and jays to come back? I have currently a mix of black sunflower seed and smaller songbird feed in the hanging feeder. I have a berry suet in the suet feeder (which the bushtits like to snack on from time to time). 
Is it the food or the placement of the feeders that might be the issue? I've been thinking of getting a flat platform feeder for the larger birds. Is this worth it?
Any help for this newbie birder would be greatly appreciated. I hear the flickers in the neighborhood and my uncle says he's been getting jays regularly at his place a few blocks away. So I know they're nearby.

Jennifer Fernandez

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