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Tweets – a clear night made for a frigid morning – just 27 degrees to start, with a fair amount of fog. But clear skies and no wind meant things warmed up, reaching 50 degrees when we called it a day just before noon. It was BIRDY, and while we couldn’t find the Loggerhead Shrike seen yesterday at the model airplane field, we did find many species, including a SAY’S PHOEBE in the Pea Patch.

a.. Cackling Goose – probably at least 2000 in endless strings of flyover birds heading southeast
b.. American Wigeon – pair in slough below weir
c.. Lesser Scaup – one bird – first year male?
d.. RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD – male harassing chickadees at south end of Dog Meadow – First of 2018
e.. Great Blue Heron – I counted 48 at the heronry, with others scattered about
f.. Northern Harrier – Sharon saw one as she was leaving the park
g.. BARN OWL – We dipped on all owls pre-dawn, but then had a Barn flying the East Meadow at 10 am!
h.. - All Five Woodpeckers -
i.. SAY’S PHOEBE – one in Pea Patch
j.. HUTTON’S VIREO – singing in cedars next to windmill
k.. Violet-green Swallow – seen flying over weir later in the morning. Yesterday’s ~60 were First of 2018
l.. House Finch – a few singing, and actually got to see one. Scarce so far this year
m.. Purple Finch – at least one singing, and actually got to see three. Scarce so far this year
n.. Pine Siskin – 1 or 2 in mansion area – first since Week 1
o.. Savannah Sparrow – at least 1 in East Meadow
p.. Lincoln’s Sparrow – two in East Meadow
q.. Dark-eyed Junco – incredibly numerous and widespread, many singing
r.. Western Meadowlark – perhaps 5, some singing
s.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – both Audubon’s and Myrtle types, singing
We had a good day for animals too, with Eastern Gray Squirrel, American Beaver, Muskrat, Eastern Cottontail, “Black-tailed” Mule Deer, Pacific Treefrog (heard only), Painted Turtle, and Red-eared Slider.

Misses today included Ring-necked Duck, Hooded Merganser, Virginia Rail, Wilson’s Snipe, Mew Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Northern Shrike, American Goldfinch, and White-crowned Sparrow.

For the day, we hit 60 species for the first time in 2018. For the year, since last Thursday’s report, we’ve added Rufous Hummingbird, American Kestrel, Say’s Phoebe, Loggerhead Shrike, Violet-green Swallow, Savannah Sparrow, and Western Meadowlark, to bring our 2018 list to 92 species. Quite a 7-day stretch!

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