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I have completed a photo gallery of Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks dating from 2004 to the present, and taken in several counties of Washington state. To be honest, I must say that when I took some of these images, I did not know they were Harlan's. The variation in Washington's Red-tails, whether Harlan's or not is amazing, and identification is difficult and at times not possible (at least for me).

My experience with Harlan's is that they are much more shy than Western Red-tails, and consequently more difficult to photograph. That in part explains the less than stellar quality of many of these images.

At one time this bird was considered its own species, separate from the Red-tailed Hawk. Who knows, it may be again!

Harlan's Red-tails are now leaving our state and heading to northern breeding grounds in NW Canada and Alaska. Most if not all will be gone by the end of March. Then we'll have to wait until next fall to see one again.

Feedback welcome, negative & positive.

Here's the link:

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