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Wed Mar 14 11:24:21 PDT 2018

Dan Varland and Coastal Raptors just banded an immature male gyr in
Ocean Shores...Monday 2/12/18. It has a red plastic band with white #9
on the left leg and a silver USGS band on the right leg. Photos taken by
Dan's crew and by Tim Boyer (who just happened to be out there) are on
the Coastal Raptors web page under Notes from the Field. It was
subsequently seen and photographed last week on the Long Beach

Dianna Moore

Ocean Shores

On 2018-03-14 9:20 am, Keith Carlson wrote:

> Other than falconers, who is banding Gyrs ?

> If a falconers bird, is it a "wild" Gyr or an escapee ?


> Keith Carlson

> Lewiston

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