[Tweeters] Ravens in my neighborhood!

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I've now lost track of exactly how long we've had them, but maybe 8 years
ago, a pair of Ravens started wintering at Lincoln Park. At that time I
think I saw them once or twice fly over Puget Sound, as if they slept
across the sound. Then 3 or 4 years ago, presumably the same pair started
nesting in Lincoln Park, and for 3 or 4 years have successfully fledged 2
or 3 young, which presumably have been dispersing to find new homes, I
would guess more likely in the metropolitan area than not. I've been
hearing, and or seeing these Ravens in Lincoln Park almost every day since
they arrived, and started nesting (even outside of nesting season).

Also, about 15 years ago, I saw one or two Ravens in Seward Park, my first
urban sighting of them since I arrived in Seattle in 1978. Rumor was that
they were nesting then on Mercer Island, and Seward Park was within the
range that they flew within a day. Since about the time of our first
nesting of Ravens in Lincoln Park, 3 or 4 years ago, I have read reports of
other Ravens regularly seen or nesting here and there in the metropolitan
Seattle area. Our Ravens in Lincoln Park have little concern about the
humans. The crows used to harass them more then they do now. If I'm not
mistaken there are still some disputes between them and the crows, but not
like some years ago. The Ravens occasionally have a bit of a dispute with
Bald Eagles or Barred Owls, but not that much.

I would just say that starting 8 to 15 years ago, Ravens have started to
adapt to life in metropolitan Seattle, with a new crop of Seattle adapted
fledglings dispersing every year now.

My best guess as to why they moved in, is that they ran out of space
outside the metropolitan area, and dispersing Ravens started trying our
metropolitan area, and found it suitable (especially our more natural
spaces like Lincoln Park). Alternately, with more territorial space
outside the city, some dispersing Ravens more randomly moved into the
metropolitan area, and found it suitable.

I hope that answers your question. Others can tell you about some of the
other Ravens now living in our metropolitan area, that weren't normally
seen here for unknown decades between European arrival and maybe 15 or so
years ago.


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> I love ravens, and can hardly believe we have a pair in the trees in my

> neighborhood (Lake Forest Park). I've never seen ravens in urban areas

> before and know they tend to avoid them and people. The crows are having a

> fit, despite being close relatives!


> Any thoughts on why ravens would suddenly be in an urban area?


> Thanks,

> Cindy

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