[Tweeters] Waterville Plateau, Bridgeport and a few surprises

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Sun Mar 11 11:17:45 PDT 2018

Started the day at H Rd and after driving back and forth, I found a snowy owl was found in the distance amongst the boulders just south of the row of conifers between 16th and 17th. There was still snow on the fields; the side roads were very wet and I did not venture outward from H. Snow buntings were also present in good numbers (~250 in one flock).

Surprise for the day in Mansfield area was a dark morph male rough-legged hawk defending a female presumably, at the intersection for B/Bridgeport Hill Rd. It was quite regal as it chased off another RLHA and settled a branch above, again presumably a female RLHA. Super stunning dark morph and display.

On Bridgeport Hill Road, I stopped for sharp-tailed grouse. When I exited the car, I could hear faint clucking below me on the hillside above the creek but they did not flush (which is good) and so no visual. Fun to listen to the clucking of grouse...

Over in Bridgeport State Park area, I was surprised to see a pair of Cassin's finches in the SP. Early? I'll post the photos on e-bird when I get a chance. There was quite a lot of passerine activity towards the end of the day including a mourning dove, in the distance, and a flycatcher sp which from its perch posture on the utility wire, bright yellow breast, gray head and slight dark mask (in the light/shadow) was likely a western kingbird. It was just too far for a solid confirmation and I missed it fly off. Surprised to see these migrants this early.

Unfortunately no day 2 or 3 for me as I was summoned back to Seattle. Thanks to Jon Houghton and the Waggoner Brothers at BSP.

Seattle, WA

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