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Fri Mar 9 14:42:17 PST 2018

What ended up being a FOY turkey vulture for me here in Mason County was almost the end for the turkey vulture. While heading home on North Shore Dr. from Belfair a turkey vulture came flying up from the beach, flew about 3 feet off the pavement toward my car before making a sharp U-turn back toward the beach, all the while being chased by two ravens. I'm sure it was as much a surprise for the turkey vulture as it was for me meeting like that on the roadway. Hopefully the ravens left it alone long enough to feed on whatever was down on the beach that had attracted it there in the first place.

It was a sad surprise for me this morning when I went out to feed the birds. There was a tell-tale fluttering of feathers on the deck steps leading to the feeding area. When I checked the feathers I found them to be from a Mountain Quail. For what it's worth, the white stripes on the sides of mountain quail are colorations in individual feathers. A couple of the feathers I salvaged showed white areas that match with the white side stripes. It's hard knowing another quail has become part of the great circle of life but so be it. Just wish the sharp-shinned hawk had found a better place (for me anyway) to have its meal. I have not been able to locate the carcass.

Mary Hrudkaj

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