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Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Fri Mar 9 10:56:01 PST 2018

Hi Tweeters,

This afternoon, (several days ago now - forgot to hit send) returning from a walk, we saw yet another hummer collecting fluff and watched where it took it and this time it zipped straight up like it was going to do a “J” dive but went to one of the highest branches in the white pine. I could barely tilt my neck backward enough to confirm it had gone onto a branch. Forget 20’, 30’, even 40’…

This white pine is nearly 100’ feet tall and this bird went nearly to the top! Used to seeing them nest in one area (at 20-30’! which is warbler-hummer-neck high enough!) and having seen them carry fluff to that area over the last five years was normal and even expected. But when one zoomed to the top of this tree well above any height I could ever think about getting a tree climber (definitely not dear husband!) to place a camera, I have given up even thinking about following that nest! I do wonder if a drone could zero in on this high altitude nest. Has anyone done that? I imagine it would be a bit irritating to a nesting bird.

I have been seeing at least one hummingbird taking fluff to different locations. At least two nests in the pine and another in the front fir, which I have not yet located, along with the others that leave the yard. They certainly seem to know the easy source of the fluff. One of the balls is actually now nearly flat on one side! All I know is that following the fluff at least can guide you to where the nest is. Mine just seem to prefer higher zones than at first base camp!

I was inspired by the Emperor penguin “selfie” sent from Antarctica I recently saw on the news (check you tube/google). It seems like those would alsmot be easier birds to follow than these birds nesting in the stratosphere in my own back yard! Guess I’ll put a “go-pro cam” on the fluff ball and get them set up to beam back a few satellite shots!! Wait for it…

Caryn / Wedgwood - “Into Thin Air”

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