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We have had Nikon and Vanguard binocs that have been serviced under their lifetime warranties. Excellent service and fast turn around. I have also had a Bausch and Lomb rangefinder that was replaced free.

Anybody know where I could get my 1930s Zeiss' tuned up?

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> I have had very good experience with Zeiss and Nikon service. I bashed my Nikon LXL 8x20 compacts on a rock during a tumble while mountaineering a few years ago, knocking them out of collimation. Nikon replaced them under its lifetime no-fault replacement policy for $25 handling fee (saving me $500 for new compact bins). Last year, Zeiss repaired a 5 y.o. 8x20 monocular after a lens became displaced (due to rough handling, frankly) under its warranty for free. Both matters were turned around in less than 2 weeks.


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