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Nathaniel Peters ncpeters at uw.edu
Fri Mar 2 15:17:25 PST 2018

I have had very positive experiences working with the Leica store in
Bellevue, but have also had to be patient with servicing. Definitely go
through them as opposed to sending them in yourself. Usually, for cleaning
and/or repair, they've gotten them back to me within ~2 months.

Just a clarification, Leica does not currently offer or recognize a
lifetime warranty on their sport optics. I believe you get 10 years,
limited warranty, from date of purchase.

I inherited my dad's 10X42 Trinovids and then managed to get water inside
one of the "waterproof" oculars after an accidental submersion. I sent
them in under the 10 year limit, but Leica deemed them "unrepairable" and
said that they would not replace them. They offered I think a 50% discount
on a new pair, which I opted to go with. That was a bit disappointing...

I would say that my experience with servicing/repair of Leica products has
not been fantastic, but has also not been abysmal.

May the* F*lu*OR*escen*CE* be with you!
Nathaniel Peters Ph.D.
University of Washington
ncpeters at uw.edu
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